Fear of Loss and OCD

Therapy with Dora has completely changed the way I think and deal with situations.  I feel so much more confident than before in myself, and in knowing whatever happens , I can help myself move through difficult times with the tool kit I have built up. I have an overall more positive outlook on life, and OCD and Fear of Loss are no longer a “problem” to me.  If those feelings arise, I just deal with them with less drama-and less beating myself up.  I cannot thank Dora enough for what she has done for me and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family!  Thank you Dora !!!

Long-term generalized anxiety

I feel I have more control, and I really feel confident that my goals will be achieved. Before the work with Dora I would not recover well from a day of anxiety. I can now visualize how I want to feel, and not worry how I did feel. Honestly I’ve tried so many things over the last two years, I could write an essay on it.
Dora has achieved more than any doctor or anyone else I have spoken to or educated myself with. I would recommend Dora 100 % to others.

Quit Smoking

From the moment I had stepped into Dora’s office, she made me feel welcome and comfortable. She has an easy, enthusiastic and curious way about her, that made the initial questionnaire/assessment stage pleasant and interesting, but I’ll hold off from spoilers. She seemed knowledgeable when explaining psychological/neurobiological basis of substance dependence and how hypnotherapy treatment works, checking if I follow from time to time and inviting questions for full transparency. The hypnotherapy session was pleasant, and I was also given a recording to listen to every night, in order to strengthen the effects of the session (which I did). I didn’t feel tempted to smoke for three weeks now and have refused offers of cigarettes from others on multiple occasions since. What also surprised me is that I didn’t experience the agitation surrounding withdrawal, but instead felt like I did before I started smoking. Having had 13 unsuccessful attempts in the past, I didn’t have high expectations, but I now have the confidence in being able to quit for good that I didn’t have in the past. I have recommended Dora’s services to friends and colleagues, and, I will be coming back to make a lasting change in another area of my life. Many thanks!