Each client is an individual and makes changes, reaches their set goal, at their own pace.  

Some Clients prefer therapy online via ZOOM from the comfort of their own home/car others prefer Face-2-Face sessions in person at my peaceful clinic space.

On average,  I like to work with clients for 6 sessions, then review.

  • OCD, especially pure OCD and Depression may or may not take up to 12 or 16 sessions.
  • Specific phobias (e.g. fear of  flying or spiders): 4 sessions.
  • Generalised fears, such as fear of failing, fear of catastrophe, fear of heights may or may not take from 6-12 sessions.
  • Lift depression program: minimum 6-10 sessions.
  • Smoking Cessation: single session two hours duration.

I can help you if you suffer from:

  • Trauma-driven or anxiety-driven depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Performance Anxiety (exams, interviews, sport’s trials, public speaking, driving tests, new job)
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia and Sleeping problems
  • Nervous habits
  • Weight Management.
  • SFH can help to support those suffering with Eating Disorders through helping to reduce the anxieties associated with the presentation.  (The client must be nourished for any therapy to be truly effective).
  • Self-image and Confidence , low self-esteem
  • Refugeeism
  • Difficulties settling into a new society
  • Parental stress
  • Anxiety and Sleeping Problems due to Menopause
  • PTSD   (*see PTSD page for more details)

I can also help with problems arising from:

  • Work-related stress and bullying
  • Working in NHS during Covid
  • Bullying
  • Non-consensual sexual experiences
  • Stalking
  • Having lived and worked in war zones
  • Living in dangerous environment
  • Witnessing traumatic events
  • Loss
  • Divorce and Separation

and many more.


If you are a busy professional, executive or parent who would prefer to have therapy within a weekend retreat structure then this option is for you.