What will we do during a session?      

We will be doing goal-setting, finding situations where you coped really well in the past with a difficulty you find challenging right now,  we will visualize your desired future goal, we will rehearse how to deal with a challenge, viewing the problem from different perspectives, repetition, and asking yourself new questions, we will come up with ideas how to take the next step forward towards your goal, you will set yourself do-able tasks for the time in-between sessions.  I will always ask you what has been good since our last session.  And above all, you can ask me any question related to your therapeutic goal, and the tools we use.  (I am trained in Neuroscience, NLP, CBT and of course how to progressively calm and relax you-Hypnosis).  The session lasts 60 minutes.

Do I need to describe painful memories?

No. Not in the talking part of the session, nor during the Hypnosis part.  Because my therapy is goal-orientated, we do not dig around in the past, and never re-live such memories. (During the Initial Consultation I will acknowledge your unique personal history).

Will I be told what to do?

You decide your goal(s). With my help you will develop your own steps towards your goal.  Part of our contract is, however, that you listen to my recording nightly, and do the homework we have both agreed on.  The reason for this is, that this will help your progress enormously.

What will we do during first half of session?

Overall, the first half of the session is about learning how to think, act and interact positively.  We won’t be doing ‘problem-talk’, instead everything we do will be taking you closer to your goal.     Thereby I will provide you with both a toolkit and new understanding to stay on top of things and get your real you back.

What is hypnosis?

It is a form of communication which allows positive suggestions to become a felt, embodied experience.  When words turn into actual experiences, that’s the beginning of Hypnosis. During Hypnosis you can directly experience: Deep relaxation, Self-acceptance, mental focus, hope, positive future rehearsals, that you then can take with you into your life.

Why is Hypnosis necessary?

Because it puts you in a state of mind where you can learn new ways by experiencing them.   When you are in a deep state of relaxation, all of you is in a perfect place to learn.  Because you are not merely thinking, you are experiencing.  Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool to achieve lasting changes.

Will I loose control during Hypnosis?

No. No more than when you’re really enjoying a good film, the actors don’t control you.  It’s always your choice how much you become involved in a film, and hypnosis is exactly the same.

Will I reveal anything I don’t want to in Hypnosis?

The reason for hypnosis is not to find out more information, but to reinforce the changes we have agreed on in the first half of the session, the talking part, and to help them become more instinctive for you. – I will not ask you any questions during Hypnosis.

I suffer from an eating disorder; can your type of therapy help me?

Solution-focused Hypnotherapy can help to reduce the anxieties associated with the presentation.   You must be nourished physically for any therapy to be truly effective.