How does the traditional Hypnotherapist differ from a solution-focused clinical Hypnotherapist?

A metaphor might be the shortest way to show this difference.

A traditional Hypnotherapist is like a painter.

The Solution-focused clinical Hypnotherapist is like an Ophthalmologist.

The painter tries to convey a picture as HE sees it.

The Ophthalmologist enables and empowers client to see his/her world from different perspectives.


Traditional Hypnotherapists felt they had to unearth trauma, describe it to client,  give explanations  and directions to client. This is how they remained problem-focused.  Solution-focused clinical Hypnotherapy believes that all clients are capable of defining their own therapeutic goals, and that they have the inner resources to formulate their own steps of change towards that set goal.

Above all solution-focused clinical Hypnotherapy as I practise it, is diametrically opposed to, has nothing in common with those forms of Hypnotherapy where the therapist uses suggestive questions or direct commands during the hypnotic trance work part of the session that can leave the client likely or vulnerable to develop or hold distorted or false memories.    (My stance is based on the proven scientific knowledge that memories created during trance might become indistinguishable from memories based on actual events that occurred during subject’s life).    I thus make sure that I do not violate the ethical principle of:    FIRST, DO NO HARM.